About Rotary International : 

Rotary international is a service organization with a 111 yrs history of service to the community.  It now has a presence in over 200 countries in the world including China & Russia.  There are over 1.2 million members all over the world with 35,000 clubs.

One of the major activities taken up by Rotary in recent years was to wipe ‘POLIO’ from the face of the earth.  Rotary clubs all over the world.  Contributed funds for the rebuilding of Rotary Village, Salegaon after the destructive earthquake in Latur & Osmanabad. Now the Rotary Nagar Salegaon has over 300 houses, school and Village Panchayat building built by Rotary.

About Rotary Club of Solapur :

The Rotary Club of Solapur was started in 1936 almost 17 years after Rotary arrived in India.  We are now into our 72nd  year of existence. Rotary Club of Solapur is the Oldest & the Biggest club in our Rotary District 3132. The Solapur Charter started with 17 Charter Members and was granted Charter No. 4054 on 11th May 1936.

The past 80 years have seen the club living up to the Rotary motto “Service above Self” in a great many ways.  The club has been conducting a wide range of activities.  To mention a few, Famine relief, Village up-liftment, Slum welfare, Youth competitions, Free scholarships, Medical relief & treatment camps, providing drinking water facilities etc.  The club has conducted several eye camps, artificial limb replacement camps, polio corrective surgery camps, plastic surgery camps, urology camps and various other medical diagnostic and treatment camps.

Major achievements has been the establishment of the University Study Centre, Rotary Children’s garden, Rotary Burn Centre at the General Hospital, Swagati Shikshan Kendra for slow learners, providing water tanks for clean drinking water in schools. The Solapur Chapter of Chamber of Commerce and Industry was also sponsored by this club. The club established the 'Solapur District Table Tennis Association' to promote the sport among the youth. Even now the club conducts District level Tournaments every year. Siddheshwar Pungutva Nivaran Kendra was established at Dr. Chidgupkar Hospital for the rehabilitation of the physically handicapped.

In the initial years the major work of our club was during the famine in 1936-37 by providing relief to the victims of the famine. This was followed in later years by relief activity for children and personality development for college students.  During the wartime, service canteen was organized for the troops passing through Solapur.

During the fifties, we were involved in flood relief and also famine relief in some areas apart from the regular activities, Fund raising dramas were staged to raise funds for all the various activities.

During the sixties our club took up the work of providing anti-polio vaccine.  Our club also took up a cancer detection scheme for factory workers.  The club also took up conducting of various tournaments/competition for school and college students etc.

In 1974 a festival cricket match was held when leading Indian cricketers participated in the match.  The funds raised were utilized for the University Study Centre and the Rotary Children’s Park.  Our club donated funds and constructed 15 houses in Gulvanchi village which was later handed over to homeless villagers.

Our club started conducting an Inter School Quiz competition and also an Inter collegiate elocution competition which are continuing even today and have been immensely popular among the students. Eye camp activities were taken up in very big way.  Our  club was awarded the 2nd Prize by the Government  of Maharashtra for the highest number of eye operations.

During the eighties, a Kalyanji Anandji Nite was organized to raise funds for the Golden Jubilee project.  The funds raised were utilized to provide drinking water tanks in the slum areas of Solapur. Intra ocular lens implant operations were conducted free of cost for poor and needy patients.  A number of hand pumps were also donated and fitted in slum localities of Solapur.

In the nineties, Swagati Shikshan Kendra, a slow learners school was supported by our club through matching grand donation which helped the school to provide a number of vocational skill developing equipments.  Now our club has taken over the major responsibility of supporting this school on a permanent basis.

As part of the diamond jubilee, celebration our club took up a ambitious project of setting up a Burns Centre at the General Hospital, Solapur.  This was made possible by our contribution along with the donation received from 2 clubs in the USA and a matching grant from Rotary International, This center has been of tremendous use to the citizens of Solapur.

The club celebrated the 50th Death Anniversary of Paul Harris by adopting part of 'Smruti Van' - A ambitious programme promoted by Social forestry in a 26 Acres of barren land near Kamber Talav. Rotary adopted and developed the 'Amra Van' part and name the same as 'Paul Harris Upavan'.

Our club moved into the 21st century by taking up a number of new projects.  The club has provided for a 'NANA NANI' park within the Rotary Children’s Park a special walkway for Senior citizens along with seating arrangements.

In the last 2 years the club has organized free artificial limb camps by providing artificial limbs to needy patients.  A  heart diagnostic camp and subsidized treatment for the needy patients was arranged. Very recently itself our club has donated water tanks to many schools and colleges in and around Solapur for drinking water purpose. More recently we have distributed beach umbrellas to many cobblers in Solapur who work under scorching heat.

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